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A comprehensive database for rapeseed genetics discovery and crop improvement.

Please cite: Cui, X. et al (2023) BnaOmics: a comprehensive platform combining pan-genome and multi-omics data of Brassica napus. Plant Communications.



Collection of rapeseed reference genome assemblies, annotations, gene expressions and epigenome information


Variations including single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and structure variations (SVs)


Collection of rapeseed maps, phenotypes and related genetic locus, including GWAS, etc.


Collection of rapeseed populations and provides necessary information to understand the population structures.


Search and view gene expression across different germplasm accessions and different tissues.


Search and view DNA methylation, histone modification and chromatin interaction information of different samples.


Search Genes

Search genes and transcripts by species, dataset, genome location

Search Orthogroup

Search orthogroup by gene or transcript.

Search Synteny Blocks

Search synteny block genes by pan-genome v4 genes

Search Germplasm

Search germplasm by name, population, ecotype or region

Search SNPs and SVs

Search SNPs and SVs

Search Trait Value

Search traits value of each germplasm


Browse genomics data, such as variant, genome, transcripts

Pan-genome Browser

Browse pan-genome data, such as variant, genome, transcripts


Search for one or more sequences using BLAST

Sequence Retrieval

Extract sequences by providing the sequence name

Gene Converter

Search correspondent genes among different B. napus genomes

Gene Expression View

View gene expression in different tissues

Gene PAV View

Visualize gene PAV information in 381 germplasms

Synteny Viewer

View syntenic blocks among Brassica napus genomes

Sequence Manipulation Suite

A collection of programs for generating, formatting, and analyzing short DNA and protein sequences

Search DNA Methylation

Search and view DNA methylation information in 5 tissues and 91 different samples under pan-genome context

Search Chromatin Interaction

Search and view chromatin interaction information in 8 different genomes

Search Histone Modification

Search and view histone modification information in 216 different samples


View SNP, SV and PAV-GWAS results under pan-genome context

GO/KEGG Enrichment

GO/KEGG enrichment for 26 different B. napus genomes