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Search genes and transcripts by species, dataset, genome location, name and/or keyword. For gene ID, you can just input a gene ID and begin to search. For genome location, you need to select a dataset and chromosome to search. For keyword, enter any protein name of homologs, GO term, or InterPro term.
Gene/Transcript Name
(eg. PBnPA01G0000020, A01p26830.1_BnaDAR, BnaAnng03390D, A01p018800.1_BnaEXP, ZS11A01G025890, BnaC01G0283600GG, BnaC01G0192600NO, BnaA01G0179900QU, BnaA01G0205200SL, BnaC01G0232200TA, BnaC01G0244400WE, BnaA01G0231300ZY, BnaA01G0236200ZS, J9707-ZhouA01g0023960, kaleA010024730, LT_ONTA01g0000010, LTA010030570, mendelA010024030, chrA01g000003, westar_ONTA01g0022920, westarA010000020, BnA04g0160340, ZS11_ONTA01g0024290, ZS4-2A01g0022500, ZS9A01g0022080, ZY821A01g0020640)
Genome Location
(eg. polygalacturonase, resistance, cell cycle, ATP binding, zinc finger)